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Papers, Please is a quirky little independent game, in which the player has to stop certain people from crossing the border into their country. The twist that makes this game unique comes in the form of your main weapon, which instead of some kind of machine gun, is a passport stamp.

Taking the role of a customs agent you must check the passports and visas of everyone who arrives at the border, and decide whether or not to let them enter the country. How? Very easily, you must review the documentation for any errors, contradictions or problems with their paperwork. The important thing is that nobody is allowed to enter who shouldn't... and not to leave any legitimate citizens stuck outside.

Every day, you will be assigned a number of hours to work, and your mission is to get as many people through the border check point as possible to get points.

Papers, Please is an original and fun puzzle game, which despite not having a spectacular graphics, a story full of surprises or explosive action, engages the player with a risky and unique idea.