Papers, Please

0.5.13 Beta forMac

Become a customs agent in this curious game


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Papers, Please is a peculiar indie video game in which you have to stop some people from crossing the your country's border, using your hand stamp.

Your mission as customs agent is to check passports and visas for everyone who comes to the border, and decide if they can get into the country or not. You have to check their papers to find mistakes, contradictions, or any problems on the forms they present. The important thing is nobody who shouldn't cross should be allowed to pass, and you can't leave any legitimate citizens outside.

Each day you are presented with a series of papers to work with, and your missions is to let as many people as you can inside, in order to get more points (this is a video game after all).

Papers, Please is an original and intelligent video game. It doesn't have spectacular graphics or a story full of surprising moments and explosions, but it hooks you up with a daring new idea.

Architecture: AMD64

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